Monday, November 17, 2008

ready and willing

typewriter: 5.00
granny sunglasses: 1.50
bow-tie pins: 50 cents (for two)
purple clutch: 2.00

Today was 50% off day at Value Village (also deemed affectionately amongst my group of friends as 'Val Vills', 'Cape Value', 'the Tiny Village of Value), and I hurried over as fast as I could to the nearest outlet to get my secondhand fix.

Like the magnificent full moon, this special day comes around only once a month. Accompanying it is a lot of hectic dashing, tripping over fallen hangers, and attempting to maneuver politely around people while hauling around a giant tote of goodies. As the prices of secondhand goods keeps rising, it's hard to get a good deal in this town anymore. And although VV doesn't touch the extortionary prices of previously-loved goods in the Kensington Market or Queen st. boutiques, its prices often hit inexplicable heights. Which makes these discount days all the more sweet.

My shopping companion made off with a couple shirts, and I lugged about a typewriter (similar to the one a few posts below- it must be fate that I found it today!) and a handful of accessories. The typewriter is hands-down the best buy of the day. Although it's not the most charming typewriter I own, it's in fantastic condition.

School is out for... strike-times. Hopefully I will be on the computer more, updating and reading, although I will tiptoe about my dust-gathering textbooks quite guiltily.


Dallas Shaw said...

what great finds- love the typewriter!


miss a. said...

Oh, I love typewriters, too! I used to use an electronic one during high school, spawning computers. I still remember the confusion on my English teacher's face when I turned in an 8 page paper double spaced in that delightful Courier font. My grandmother has one from the late 1960s that she promised to bequeath to me upon her death. It was the first electronic my grandfather bought when he first came to the U.S.