Wednesday, November 5, 2008

sharon margaret russell

My parents came back from Australia/Hong Kong with a cartload of magazines that my middle sister, who lives in Sydney, had saved up for me over the past few months. frankie magazine (art*fashion*music*craft*life) was one of the best discoveries she made after landing on the other side of the world, along with the realization that toilet water swirls in the opposite direction. She's passed many issues along to me, and they've entertained me through long train rides through the country-sides of China; one issue really pulled through for me last year when I ended up in the hospital linked up to an IV for three hours, giddy from the antibiotics rocketing through my veins.

frankie is like the cool cousin who blows into town leaving perfectly-worn-in plaid shirts and old records underneath your bed. The columnists are hilarious and sharp, and the fashion's steeped in that natural laidback charm that Australian's are notorious for. Most importantly, the magazine talks to readers like they are intelligent and creative art-lovers, not like a lot of N. American fash/culture rags, many of which I feel talk down to readers or come off like one long advertorial (cough, Nylon).

Knitter/Photographer Sharon Russell's photographs featuring naughty knitted bits were showcased in the July/August issue of frankie. The tiny squares of wool juxtaposed against large expanses of skin are amazing and do great work in un-granny-fying the craft.

All images by Sharon Russell from the ‘A fleshy self : consciousness’ series.All images copyright Sharon Russell 2007

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