Friday, March 27, 2009

there's something about chloe


one dress, three ways. It looks like a different outfit from each angle.

Dress her up, dress her down, she still manages to look fabulous inhabiting each realm. One thing I've always liked about c. sevigny's style is that while it is slightly wild, it is still measured and mature. Edited. So good at paring down, rather than be a tornado of bangles, chains, rips and scarves. For those that love extremes I suppose she's not quite edgy, as she does float towards the main currents as she gets older, but she still has this casual flair that I'm quite captured by.

Oh look it is the personification of springtime.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

lily and swallow

Birds and thoughts of spring are definitely on my brain. I'm very much so looking forward to receiving this from lula boutique. It is both easy on the eyes and wallet; the perfect fashion storm. I already own the below necklace from the same spot. Subtle enough for almost all occasions.

spring: under the influence

Refinery 29 talks to some adorable fash bloggers about what their closets will be bursting with this spring. I cannot believe it's officially spring! Looking forward to walks in the park and curbside slushies. The outdoors keeps beckoning and distracting me from work. Once I hack through this jungle of exams and essays it will be summer, and the world will tilt back to its rightful place.

Friday, March 20, 2009


ack. I am so so poor at keeping up to date with things. Lately it's as if I've been chased by a mob of angry obligations- busy busy busy. Today I wore a suit for the first time ever.

I've rediscovered tumblr, the perfect spot for space cadets and attention-poor folk like me. Launched a new project today that combines my etsy store and my long dormant creative writing tinkering. Still dusty, but thrashing awake.

Please add me if you're on tumblr. I'm friendly folk.

new old things I'm excited to find good homes for

Sunday, March 15, 2009

As I get older (shhh...), I always love to ask new people I meet two questions. 1) What was your first job? and 2) What did you wear to prom? These were especially useful questions when I wasn't living in Canada and making friends that I didn't know in High School/Uni. These people came to me as full-formed 20somethings, and I always wondered- what happened before?

Most people are now well out of their first jobs. When I was slogging my way through the working world, I would often meet successful and powerful people who told me their first jobs were at tiny grocery marts or mowing lawns. Everyone starts somewhere, and it's inspiring to see what leaps, bounds, and meanderings led a person to where they are now.

The prom question also offered me a weird and often amusing glimpse into the past. 20something stark-black-outfit-wearing fashionistas would tell me about their baby blue Cinderella prom dresses. People would sigh and get misty-eyed, or cringe and instinctively go and burn their photo albums.

This is exactly what I wore to prom seven years ago (a modern re-creation). A purple dress from Holt Renfrew that was twice as much as I wanted to spend on a dress. I told my parents I would wear it again, and to keep the entire budget down clopped about in $25 clearance Anne Klein heels (pictured) and did not get my hair done.
Flash-forward seven years and true to my promise to my parents, I am once again swanning about in this gown. Once again, to a school 'formal'. Yes, it only took almost a decade to "wear it again", but I am getting more use out of it. It looks a bit awkward and bunchy in this photo (smoothed out a bit in reality), but I hiked it up a bit and dropped one of the shoulders. In my tradition of wearing obscenely cheap shoes, I am wearing $8 shoes purchased from a Shanghai market.
What will you wear to prom? What did you wear to prom? Do you still love it? Oh, nostalgia!

p.s- I'm still dating the same fella I went to prom with. Well I suppose some things never change.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just one of those days

Just had one of those blerg days where even trying on a whimsical sequined bird sweater didn't cheer me up. Summer is simultaneously too close and much too far away.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

spring is upon us, follow my only song

source: loveology
sure, pictures, why don't you just slay me with your feather-light beauty and brilliant softnesses.

Around these parts, spring is drifting slowly around the corner. Lately, rain instead of snow. I'm looking forward to the sort of comforting sparseness that summer brings.

In winter, I huddle indoors and pack around me worldly possessions. When the outside is so white and blank, the insides need to be lively and warm- almost womb-like. But in summer, I can shed a bit of the padding of 'things' and 'stuff'. When everything outside my window is bursting with life and inviting, I can rid the insides of a lot of clutter. White walls need not look so bleak. An entirely new and stripped down aesthetic can adhere.

Today was: baseball game and friend times. Tonight is: basement office assignment-writing, about-summer-stressing, daylight savings

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bag o' wonder, basket of dreams


The best seven dollars I ever spent. A soft vintage metal bag from Value Village. In the winter, freakishly cool to the touch. If it's in my lap for a while, it grows deliciously warm.

Good For: starting conversations with strangers ("wow is that chain mail?), amazing and alarming friends (who pet and poke and mush it in their hands), being the temporary home for wallet, keys and mobile whilst slung across body against hips or dangling off one shoulder, being reminiscent of the eighties, the middle ages, and nothing in between, holding apples.

What can't this bag do. Perhaps one day it will stop a bullet for me.