Saturday, May 23, 2009

cruel cruel summer

Not quite cruel, but definitely busy summer has kept me away from the more interesting parts of the internet, including my much-treasured bloglovin' list and this here sad corner of the internet.

I've been seeing lots of red lately. No sun burns or even lobster fests, just lots of vintage finds which come in various shades of a bullfighter's cape. Most of the items below are available in the etsy store.


clockwise from top left:
1. Kindergarten cardigan with adorable apple buttons. Skirt is from my closet of awkward yet amazing items, and though it's a wee bit too short and a wee bit too tight, I'm no Goldilocks and am hanging onto it until I find a way to make it work.

2. Embroidered silk blouse. Was my mothers, though I don't believe she ever wore it as she has about five different versions of this blouse in a bag at the back of her closet. I'm of the camp that Asians in chinoiserie is too much of a good thing; the stylistic references are too close to reality. There are many exceptions, to be sure, but I haven't found many that work for me.

3. A shirt for summer adventuring. For crawling under chain link fences, running to the top floor of multiple-story public parking lots, creek hopping, lake-swimming, bicycle riding and picnics. Try not to drop your slushie on it.

4. Puff puff poof! Puff sleeve dress. The original owner of this dress was likely 10 times more amazing than any Chris DeBurgh dream object.


Charlotte Drene said...

Absolutely wonderful!

What a doll :)

Samantha said...

really bright and dressy

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