Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Spied this clutch amidst a mess of other things* on WWW and I think I'm a little bit in love. But not enough to crack open my wallet; this is just a fashion crush. Have spent a few dollars in celebration of the end of the school year, but the rest I'm stuffing underneath my mattress in anticipation of some incredible summer adventures abroad. Apologies for my internet absence. Very soon after my last exam I jumped into a new and exciting summer job. A dream position! It dovetails with my academic areas of interest and works with the little jaunt to another half of the world planned for mid-June. So much to look forward to!

* I love Who What Wear, I really do. But I find it difficult to click through and then scroll up and down for info on the pictures. Little miss lazypants over here needs my info up front and center stage!


Melissa said...

i love this website!
i've never heard of if before!

lauren said...

i'm with you, i love that clutch! i am sure it's out of my price range too. :(