Saturday, March 7, 2009

spring is upon us, follow my only song

source: loveology
sure, pictures, why don't you just slay me with your feather-light beauty and brilliant softnesses.

Around these parts, spring is drifting slowly around the corner. Lately, rain instead of snow. I'm looking forward to the sort of comforting sparseness that summer brings.

In winter, I huddle indoors and pack around me worldly possessions. When the outside is so white and blank, the insides need to be lively and warm- almost womb-like. But in summer, I can shed a bit of the padding of 'things' and 'stuff'. When everything outside my window is bursting with life and inviting, I can rid the insides of a lot of clutter. White walls need not look so bleak. An entirely new and stripped down aesthetic can adhere.

Today was: baseball game and friend times. Tonight is: basement office assignment-writing, about-summer-stressing, daylight savings


Shini said...

'womb-like', I like that. Spring definitely rolling around, but I could do with less wavering temperatures and getting caught out with spring clothing just to have rain pour on me. I love the sound of basement-office...

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, these are such beautiful beautiful shots :)