Friday, March 27, 2009

there's something about chloe


one dress, three ways. It looks like a different outfit from each angle.

Dress her up, dress her down, she still manages to look fabulous inhabiting each realm. One thing I've always liked about c. sevigny's style is that while it is slightly wild, it is still measured and mature. Edited. So good at paring down, rather than be a tornado of bangles, chains, rips and scarves. For those that love extremes I suppose she's not quite edgy, as she does float towards the main currents as she gets older, but she still has this casual flair that I'm quite captured by.

Oh look it is the personification of springtime.


miss a. said...

She does have a very understated, subtle sense of style. She'll never be as "admired" (put in quotes because it's not my own personal sentiment) as someone like Erin Wasson, but I can't help thinking that her designing capabilities surpass Erin's any day.

Emerson Merrick said...

I have a Toronto postcard for you, email me your address and I'll send it off!

Shini said...

her style is so carefree, so effortless. I agree with miss a that she won't really be admired and praised like the olsens or wasson, but I find myself respecting her more :P