Friday, January 23, 2009

fairweather non-fan

Aside from the prevailing desire for comfort above all, I only have a few fashion rules. No large logos. Little to no printed/graphic tees (though I did go through quite the slogan tee phase in high school/early university). Nothing too skimpy. The 80s, generally.

But ever so often my latent former-radio-show hosting, independent-music-store-working,indie-music-loving obnoxiousness rears its horrendous hipster head. No band T-shirts unless you can rattle off three albums and three songs off each album under 45 seconds. It's a yardstick. And it should be used to beat offenders from time to time.

I would extend that standard to other groups such as teams or organizations. And for that reason, though I am in love with the slouchy warmth of the below vintage handknit sweater I picked up from VV, the center of this relationship cannot hold. I've only ever been to one Toronto Maple Leafs game in my life. I flip away from games when they pop up on the television. The only merit that team has in my eyes is that they break my boyfriend's heart more than I do, and make me look fabulous in comparison.


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