Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the ministry of silly walks and sweaters

My father's vintage missoni sweater.

My father is not a flashy man. He wears lots of monochromatic outfits and subdued respectable tops. I've never ever seen him sport a sweater with more than two colours on it. So, when I found this in his closet, I couldn't help but start with the good-natured jabs.

"What was it like starring on the Cosby show"
"And what exact blind flamboyant zebra did you steal this from?"
"I'm sure it was a lovely carpet but I'm not certain it really works as a sweater"

And then: "uh, can I borrow it pretty please?"


Shini said...

heh love how you tease your father first and then steal it :P fits really well on you though! you gotta love dad's clothing...

Emerson Merrick said...

THAT is one handsome sweater.