Saturday, January 24, 2009

ye olde ridiculous China perm

These photos were from the days of my $40 perm, which I got from my local hairstylist when I was living in Shanghai. After a series of successful $5 haircuts I decided to take the plunge and hit the rollers. I want those wavy/mildly puffy-haired days back again, but I can do without the hay-like quality of my lousy tresses. Shortly after my adventures in perm-land I ended up moving to Beijing, the land of hard water and awkwardly showering over a toilet. That mess, combined with the dry heat and occasional sandstorm, left me with crackling dehydrated hair. Thank god I sensibly moved home and started swiping my sister's bumble & bumble leave-in conditioner. Leavin' and thievin'!

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Shini said...

oh my, sandstorms are the worst.. you look nice with puffed up hair like that! You know, I really like your blog and your attitude towards it, I'm gonna link you and put you in my little special corner.