Saturday, January 24, 2009

megan whitmarsh

The work of the magnificently talented ms. megan whitmarsh. I want it all times forever. It's a very robust imagination that dreams up funktastic embroideries of jamming Sasquatches and magical mushroom folk. Her use of colour and the sparseness of the pieces make each figure so arresting.

First found her work when stumbling around the internet, filed it away in my head as something to dig about in, promptly forgot everything, and finally rediscovered her in an old issue of Bust magazine.

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Shini said...

OHohohoh I remember this! I loove the embroidered people, funktastic indeed heheh Thanks so much for coming by the blog, you're so funneh :D Do you know, I panic when those blogs ask me to ask 2 and suddenly feels like you're being asked to insert pin number and it's your last go...alright here comes another word verification for your blog ;)