Friday, January 30, 2009

venus in furs

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Picked up this jacket for a song at Value Village ($35).

Vintage shopping is great for deals. But, you're often faced with a dearth of information, and forced to invent backstories for your new-treasured items. I don't know the material of this jacket, nor is there a hint of a brand or label. What I do know: It's of astonishing quality, and painfully perfectly fitting in its wrist-skimming glory. The lining is sturdy and in perfect condition. There's even a wee inside breast pocket, for jewels or maybe a watch fob. And best of all, it lacks the mysterious musty smell that vintage clothes usually carry.

I'm quite torn about ever wearing this. It's light as a feather and oh so soft. It's not the size of a tent. I could imagine Kate Moss stalking about the streets of London with this tossed carelessly over her shoulders.

But, sigh, it may be real fur, and I'm still waffling about the fur debate. I'm far from a vegetarian, but I'll agree that there's something especially undignified about the whole fur industry. Does or should it matter that it's vintage?

Urg. I'll put this away in the closet for a bit and keep trying it on periodically until I convince myself either way.



The Sexy Pedestrian said...

$35? What a bargain, it's a stunner!

July Stars said...

sell it to me!!!!