Sunday, February 8, 2009

bohemian rhapsody

For a Saturday night house birthday party/dance-off.

I get antsy when I wear light and wispy clothes like this top. They don't necessarily fit with my personality (which is not necessarily prickly or sharp-edged, but certainly not cloud-like and sun-speckled). I picked it out from a Shanghai market for $7 way back when. The dreamy cotton, layers of necklaces and growing-out perm scream 'bohemian princess', and combine just a little too neatly into a 70s motif. I certainly didn't want to look costume-y, or as if I fell out of some absurd flower patch.

My solution was to balance it with an ancient (10+ years) pyramid stud belt that likely found its genesis in some bin in Claire's accessories. It has survived my teenage faux-punk and raver phase, many-a pair of flared pants, and other assorted indignities. Its reappearance in my wardrobe after many years of closet banishment just reinforces the foundation of my packrat mantra:

Never. Throw. Anything.Away.

It will come back to you, like a fashion boomerang, and you will smartly piece it together with something in a creative fashion. I wonder what else in my closet I can bring back up to the majors. Fleece bags? Over-sized Mossimo shirts? The possibilities are endless (and embarrassing).


claire said...

This is a really sweet outfit. y-s x

Emily said...

I'm TOTALLY loving the shirt, it looks great with the stud belt!

Shini said...

yeeesh never throw anything away, the belt is quite the key accessory to this outfit! and ooo we get to see your face today~

bee said...

emily & claire: yesh! happy to hear that the stud belt makes sense with the boho top.

shini: yes I usually hide my face like the phantom of the opera but hey now I know it doesn't break the mirror