Thursday, February 12, 2009

so zooey

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marmalade eyes!


Shini said...

I looove Zooey Dechanel, something so playful about her. I see her really similar in vibe to Chloe Seivgny except I like Zooey better...she just seems like such a fun person..

bee said...

I totes see the same vibe as with c. sevigny, but zooey's a bit goofier and cute. And I can definitely appreciate that. Like you Shini I think I would rather be pals with Z than C. At the same time, I also think Chloe has her charm- she can do high fashion red carpet glam AND raggedy torn clothes so well.
Dammit if I could have either of their closets (and Z's bangs!) I would be happy.

Emily said...

God I love her! She is one of my most favorite people ever, I love her style and her collab with M. Ward is amazing! Great photos, and great post =)

miss a. said...

Awwww, Zooey. One word to describe her: whimsical.

Her wardrobe reminds me of Parker Posey except Zooey tends to be slightly more femme in the ruffle department.