Thursday, February 19, 2009

hoot hoot! have a drink

These lovely owls came home with me from my latest thrifting session at VV last week. They're coasters, but I'm going to split them up and refashion them as a) a large button b) wall mount c) uh, coaster.

Interesting story behind the origin of these flightless birds. I had seen them at VV last week, picked them up, but ended up returning them to their shelf before I headed to the checkout. I'm deeply afraid of over-consumption and my room has been feeling cramped lately. After some thought, I stopped by a few days later to see if they were still there. Happily, they were! But, during my first run there were four, and now there are only three. Someone bought one coaster. Not that I can blame them- they're adorable. But they belong together! (yes, I'm splitting them up but they'll still be part of the same home).

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